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'Be in a person's service Hospital, peaceful Hospital, Believing Hospital.' 

Cha university an affiliate of Gumi CHA Hospital was established in May, 2000 in Gumi, Kyungbuk a developing world class electronic industrial complex of world. It has the best medical team and is equipped with the state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment.

CHA Hospital's reputation is proud of its 50th history of providing world class health service. It is the only university hospital in this province founded by director Lee Hyun Woo. There are 60'doctors from the various places and 500 workers. It is also equipped with 505 beds ...
With M.R.T and C.T equipment also the abdominal mirror / An endoscope sergical equipment and ESWL, Digital Mamography (the breast photographing), Mamotom (the beast organization test), Electronic Ion treatment equipment, leads Kyungbuk, Gumi province Medical and Implement International diagnosis service. Gumi CHA hospital is one of the developing world class medical groups. CHA Medical group provides foreigner patient global diagnostic service using international diagnostic clinic which was established by U.S Armed Forces in Korea in Waeguan.
Electronic system operation and international diagnosis service activity for the heart of patient diagnosis service.

It is recognized by the Ministry of Health and welfare evaluation as Provincial Emergency Medical center for four consecutive years.

With its aim to improve the health services for the people, CHA Bio Tech Ltd. specializes in biotechnology and develops new medicine and cane cells system for diagnosis and infertility treatment. The huge medical network introduces a new medical culture to respond to the specific needs of patients.

The Emergency Medical Center which is responsible for the resident’s health has the state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment and committed medical experts and special nurses. It has been recognized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare Four Series since 2004.

Gumi CHA Hospital is committed to provide excellent and world class health care service through electronic industry, effective health management, development of medical facilities and equipment, improvement of health enviroment through medical volunteer and ctizen health class and a special program called ' Both parties medical culture,' a cultural event for patients and visitors.
Brief Summary of institution
Name CHA GUMI Medical Center, CHA University
Classification University Hopsital
Clinc Dept 21 Clincal Department
No. Employee 502 Employees
President Cha Kyung Sub
Director Jo Soo Ho
No. of Bed 505 Beds
Size of Building 2,527 Pyung(8,353 m² )
Size of Landscape 5,754 Pyung(19,024 m²)