CHA GUMI Medical Center, CHA University

CHA University Hospital Group was founded in 1960 as CHA Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Junggu, Chodong by Dr. Cha and has a reputation for its specialization on women’s health care.

The hospital which is located in the heart of Bundang has 1000 beds. Its branch, a mother and child center in the new town of Bundang, has 200 beds. CHA GUMI Medical Center, CHA University opened in June 2006, has 505 beds. Taegu Hospital with 100 beds is famous for its specialization on women’s infertility, Korean formation medical treatment the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center of 434 beds which at overseas reverse advance 1 unit undertakes in 2004 years. The group of hospitals combines western and eastern medical treatment and has the most up-to-date medical facilities and equipment, skilled and experienced medical staff and highly committed medical specialists.

With its aim to improve the health services for the people, CHA Bio Tech Ltd. specializes in biotechnology and develops new medicine and cane cells system for diagnosis and infertility treatment. The huge medical network introduces a new medical culture to respond to the specific needs of patients.