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Medical director Greetings!
Gumi CHA Hospital has been serving the people since May 2000 as CHA University Hospital. It is the only university hospital in central and northern Kyungbuk province that offers the patients a wide range of medical services and is associated with Gumi Hospital Operation Diagnosis Center.

With our utmost concern for the residents, the hospital has operated with 505 beds since October 2003, utilizes various diagnostic systems and provides the latest MRI and CT equipment which is the first in the province. Also, we offer specialized programs and services such as internet diagnostic reservation system and call center, shortening diagnosis waiting time, PACS (Medical Image Transmission System) and OCS (Prescription Transmission System).

We have been recognized as a Provincial Emergency Medical Center and Resident Training Hospital with our outstanding medical services, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and value for medical research and education. expansion of state-of -the-art facilities and equipment and value for continuing medical research and education.

Gumi CHA Hospital with its medical experts, skilled staff and volunteers and citizen health class, is committed to provide excellent medical service through culture events for patients and visitors, expansion of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and medical research.

Thank you