Infomation < Introduction < GUMI CHA Medical Center
Specialized Center/Clinic
Emergency center Pain center
Women Laparoscopy center(OB/GY) Arthroscopy center
Infertility center Health control center
Female cancerous center Clinical Refer center
Angiography center
Medical Departments
Internal medicine General surgery
Orthopedic surgery Neurology
Neurosurgery Psychiatry
Cardiothoracic surgery Plastic surgery
Obstetric/Gynecology Female infertility clinic
Pediatric Ophthalmology
E.N.T Urology
Dentistry Emergency medicine
Anesthesiology Radiology
Laboratory medicine Pathology
Industrial medicine  
Equipment Hardware
Dept. of
   Slip Ring C.T Scanner
   Digital Subtraction Angiography, Ultrasonography
   Remote control type 80kw inverter controlled
     rectification type T.V System with
     Auto- injection /Puck
   Radiographic X-Ray System
   Microcomputer controlled capacitor Discharge
     Type Mobile X-ray unit
   Ultrasound System
Dept. of
   Automatic Blood Chemistry Analyzer
   Automatic Hematology Analyzer
   Blood Gas Analyzer
   Fast 4 Electrolyte Analyzer
   Pulmonary Function Test System
   Cell Counter
Internal Medicine    Electronic Video Information System
   Ultrasound System
   Echo Gastroscope
Surgery    Laparoscopic Pelviscopy and Cholecystectomy set
   Arthroscopy System
   OPMI CS-1 microscope set
Other    E.S.W.L
   Contact-Free Specular Microscope
   Humphrey A/B Scan System 835
   MDT Castle E.O Gas Sterilizers
   Laser Therapy Unit